45 Website To Write Personal Bio Like a Pro

Writing a personal bio is crucial when you want to introduce yourself and your talents. But sometimes, you might get stuck in writing one, and miss a chance to show yourself in your best appearance. Luckily, in the time of Internet, you have a lot of websites which can help you to write your personal bio example for free. Besides that, there are many of sample bio for students online. We will help you with our advice to write it like a pro! Here is the list of the good resources to look at.

  1. Short Personal Bio Samples : Personal biography sample. Great biographies from professionals. How should you write one and what to avoid?
  2. UNDERCOVER RECRUITER : 8 steps to writing a bio like a pro.
  3. Right Management : Ground rules for writing a bio, sections, steps for writing it like a pro.
  4. WriteExpress : 11 tips for writing a bio with enthusiasm, purpose, and emotion.
  5. wikiHow : How to write a personal bio, 10-second summary. Personal bio examples for free.
  6. themuse : 4 stress-free tips for writing your personal bio. Know yourself, your audience and your limits.
  7. brand iD : How to make your bio personal and reflective of your voice? Know when to reign it in.
  8. Buffer Social : Writing a personal bio for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and Google+. 6 rules to writing a foolproof bio.
  9. CAITLIN BACHER : Writing your personal biography for Pinterest like a pro.
  10. MICHAEL B. MAINE : How to write a killer personal bio in 8 steps! Additional tips.
  11. Communicate (your) Skills : Write a personal bio that will make you stand out from the crowd.
  12. HubSpot : 6 of the best professional bio examples ever seen! Sample bio for students online, personal bio examples for free.
  13. Brand Yourself : 10 tips on how to write a personal biography. Different bios for different sites.
  14. POST PLANNER : 7 Twitter bio ideas that entice followers and make you unforgettable.
  15. Betty Mingliu : How to write a bio about yourself or someone else. 3 types of bios.
  16. BIOGRAPHY : Tiger Woods biography as a great example of a pro written biography. Sample bio for students online.
  17. BIOGRAPHY : C.S.Lewis personal biography. There are many other great examples on this website.
  18. SLR LOUNGE : How to write an awesome bio page for your photography website.
  19. MELYSSA GRIFFIN : Grow your audience and monetize your passion! How to write a great bio page for your blog.
  20. FORTUNE : The author of this article claims that he gets paid by writing bios for dating sites, and wants to show you where you do your mistakes in writing your personal bio.
  21. SCM : How to write a coaching bio in 20 minutes.
  22. Geeta Nadkarni : How to write a good, funny and short bio in under 10 minutes (when necessary).
  23. el abanico : Guidelines on how to publish a personal biography like a pro.
  24. U.S.News : 10 tips for writing the college bio application.
  25. Quora : How should you write a professional bio for Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.
  26. edge studio : Your personal bio is about you. And it’s not. How to write one like a pro.
  27. mbg : Writing your bio by stating your mission first. Be humble, be succinct!
  28. inman : 13 knockout examples on how to write an agent personal bio.
  29. Indie on the move : How to write an effective artist bio that won’t be ignored.
  30. trulia : The exchange of the opinions on the forum about writing your personal bio.
  31. in : Style guides for student bios. Sample bio of a first-year, and sample bio of a junior-senior.
  32. Top-notch : Study tips for A+ students! How to start a student autobiography – easy guide & free examples.
  33. PULLMAN : Professional bio writing 101 tips.
  34. PEOPLE RESULTS : 6 must-haves for writing a compelling, professional bio.
  35. HUFFPOST : 4 steps to writing a professional bio that will get you noticed.
  36. Prof KRG : Writing a pro bio by answering these questions – who you are? What do you do? Where you’re worth considering?
  37. Your Personal Bio : Warning – this might be one of the hardest tasks you’ve faced! But you’ll do it, with their recommendations. Full guide on writing a bio.
  38. Student Biographies : Personal examples of great students personal biographies.
  39. TemplateLab : 45 biography templates & examples (personal, professional).
  40. Student Success Center : Student e-portfolio. Navigating to success. Examples of good bio pages.
  41. Pinterest : An interesting student biography sample.
  42. GRADHACKER : Narrating your professional life – writing the academic bio.
  43. University of Pittsburg : Examples of great personal student biographies written like a pro.
  44. Nectafy : How to write a professional bio without pulling your all hair out?
  45. themuse : 4 times you’ll have to write your personal bio and how to do it right.

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