50 Websites With Free Biography Sample

Writing a biography can sometimes be hard. You think you know yourself enough, and that you will express what’s on your mind easily, but it doesn’t work that way in the reality. You know what the psychologist says:”We learn best by watching the others.” So what not to learn how to write your biography like a professional, taking a look at someone else’s, which is done right and with passion. We will help you with the resources to find these samples.

  1. Short Professional Biography Sample : Great biographies from professionals! Catchy introduction, perfect text flow, highlights of projects, professional overview and flawless language!
  2. TemplateLab : Professional biography examples for students, online sample professional bio yourself.
  3. Template.net. : 20+ biography templates. Personal and professional bio templates.
  4. Template.net. : Biography outline template, 10+ free examples, samples, and format – free download.
  5. SampleTemplates : 7+ biography samples. Professional biography example for students. Short biography direction template.
  6. BioTemplates.com : Write your personal or professional biography by using their examples for ideas.
  7. BioTemplates.com : Free fill-in-the-blank bio templates. Online sample professional bio yourself.
  8. ADVISOR WEBSITES : Use their biography templates for inspiration! Free financial advisor biographies.
  9. the essay expert : Samples of professional bios. Microsoft Executive Bio, Managing Partner, International Business Development Executive bio and much more.
  10. macmillan english : Biography worksheet. Elementary. Writing a biography. Free example.
  11. Sample Bios : Professional and personal biography example. Online sample professional bio yourself.
  12. JOHNSON Executive Search : Crafting a professional bio, a template, and samples. Professional biography example for students.
  13. Word Templates : Read more about biography templates. 10+ bio templates free.
  14. Wikipedia : Full template how the biographies of famous people were written. Maybe you get some inspiration for yourself.
  15. The Pan & The Pad : How to write a bio using a free template? Give a brief overview of your achievements, work history, and highlight your abilities!
  16. BANDZOOGLE : How to write an effective musician bio with examples. Sample bio.
  17. Suffolk University Boston : Sample biography of a professor and assistant professor at Boston University.
  18. Bio Examples.net : Their student biography examples. Get free students biography samples from the online best writers.
  19. Autobiographyof.me : An example of a short autobiography. What life means to you and what is your outlook in the future? Personal biography.
  20. University of Pheonix : Autobiography, an example of Michael Smith. Personal and professional.
  21. National Medical Fellowship : Samples of an applicant’s brief bio-sketch.
  22. AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION : Biographical sketch guidelines. Keep it short and simple, and in prose format. Highlight the experiences.
  23. WOODROW WILSON SCHOOL : Student’s bios from all over the world, and from different fields of study. Examples.
  24. Massachussets Department of Higher Education : Sample resume for high-school students. All explained on a simple example.
  25. AUBURN UNIVERSITY : ePortfolio examples. Free personal and professional biographies sample.
  26. the balance : Resume examples for college students and graduates. Listed by type of student and type of job.
  27. PennState : Biographical sketch, an example of great student bio. College of Engineering.
  28. ICA TEENS : Artists biographies and examples. Questions to include which will guide you to make your own.
  29. ECU : Contains information about preparing your biography – sample biographies and communication or rhetorical aspects of sample biographies.
  30. University of Minnesota : Student writing support. Examples of consultant bios.
  31. ResumeGenius : Intership resume samples. Biography samples for high-school and college students.
  32. sitepoint : How to write an attention-grabbing professional bio. Basics, what to include, tips for writing.
  33. Study Moose : A personal bibliography example. Very well structured and covering all that you need for making your own.
  34. ThoughtCo. : Printable biography lesson plan. Biography assignment page, reports step pages and students evaluation list.
  35. Hloom : Free high-school student resume templates for teens. Biography tips and samples.
  36. Duke University : Student bios from School of Nursing. It can be a great inspiration for you to make your own biography!
  37. Georgetown University : Biographies for membership in the Medical Student Life Advisory Committee.
  38. Microsoft : Biography report presentation. Samples and examples.
  39. FitSmallBusiness : Real estate bio – 10 tips & 15 examples from the pros. Professional bios.
  40. 1st-Writer.com : Professional bios – examples. Professional bio writing services.
  41. Biography Templates : Biography outline template 1,2 and How to write it. Tips and tricks.
  42. Wonderful Machine : Expert advice – writing a photographer bio. Dos and don’ts with samples.
  43. lovetoknow : Examples of high-school senior bios – athlete, scholar, funny bio, inspirational bio etc.
  44. wikiHow : How to write a theater biography? Conforming to bio writing standards, examples included.
  45. Lori McNee : Writing a bio that really gets read. Personal and professional biography.
  46. Tulane School of Architecture : Student’s resumes and work samples.
  47. JTHS : Top 25 senior student bibliographies.
  48. BioTemplates.com : Short bio examples, how to write a bio like a professional.
  49. PLACESTER : How to write an agent bio & 10 knockout examples.
  50. Chron : Writting a personal biography. Tips and advice.

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